Concrete Fence Cowboy Fence and Jumbo Fence


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Dcon Cowboy fence

General Features

  • Dcon Cowboy fence Is a prestressed concrete fence with light, strong and durable structure.
  • Dcon Cowboy fence can be used as a fence to divide the boundary especially between the houses, create a nice landscape in the resort and make the house look nice, less uncomfortable and airy.
  • The price of Dcon Cowboy fence is 3 – 4 times more economical than a solid fence.
  • Dcon Cowboy fence is quick to install with completed prestressed pieces produced directly from the factory.
  • Dcon Cowboy fence is freedom to assemble and dismantle when customers want to expand the fence line.
  • Standard size: Sheet size Width 5 cm. X Length
  • Dcon Cowboy fence has a standard size; Sheet size Width 5 cm. X Length 1.95 cm. X Height 10 cm. while the Pole size Width 12 cm. X Length 1.45 cm. X Height 12 cm.

Dcon Concrete fence

General Features

  • Dcon fence is made with a prestressed concrete system from the factory which is passed through the quality inspection system before selling.
  • Dcon fence uses concrete with a compressive strength of 28 days with more than 350 ksc.
  • Dcon fence is pulled with Ø4 mm PC Wire for the maximum tensile strength of 17,500 ksc.
  • Dcon fence is the cast iron for a smooth and glossy skin, which is resistant to all weather conditions
  • The fence is designed to be installed as a Precast system, so it is easy, convenient, quick and clean to... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is necessary to hammer piles as a foundation to support the weight.

Yes, it can be casted on site but it costs more time and money.

Yes, the fence can be removed to expand the territory.

It can be made not more than 3 meters.

Both Dcon concrete fence and Dcon jumbo fence are appropriate.

Fence panels can be cut according to the amount of space remaining.

We have 3 types which are Dcon concrete fence, Dcon Cowboy fence and Dcon jumbo fence

We only have one size which has length 1.45 meters with 3 fence panels.

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The joint should not be more than 45 meters.

Making a fence can use both Hexagon piles and I15 piles.

No, but we can suggest specialist contractor for Dcon customers.

There is a free delivery for the length of fences which is more than 66 meters.

They can be a nationwide delivery.

No, Dcon fence is a natural concrete color.

Dcon fence is a prestressed concrete by pulling the wire before pouring concrete.

No, there is only 2-way poles.