What are the facts about different types of Dcon fences?

Dcon jumbo fence 

Dcon jumbo fence is one of the prestressed concrete fences with the sheet size: Width 125 cm. X Length 290 cm x Height 6 cm. consisting of 2 fence panels (including lintels) and the distance from posts to posts 3 meters.

Dcon concrete fence

A good and a high class fence is namely Dcon fence which is a prestressed concrete quality fence that customers can trust. Also the fence is strong, durable, beautiful for every angel in an economical price consisting of 8 fence panels (including lintels) with the distance from posts to posts 3 meters

Pole size: width 15 cm. X thickness 15 cm and Pole height 220 cm 

Sheet size: width 25 cm. X thickness 2.5 cm. bottom thickness 6 cm. and Length 291 cm.

Dcon Cowboy fence

Dcon Cowboy fence is prestressed transparent concrete fence for creating the landscape. The purpose of the installation of Dcon Cowboy fence is for zoning and making the front house remain clear. Customers are confident with the quality fence that is strong, durable and economical consisting of 3 fence panels, distance from posts to posts 2 meters

Pole size: width 12 cm. X thickness 12 cm. Pole height 145 cm.

Sheet Size Length 195 cm. X Width 10 cm. X Height 5 cm.