Hollow Core

General Features

Dcon Hollow Core is a hollow slab system aiming to increase cross-section performance which is reinforced with the prestressed wire that can be used in residential buildings, small to large commercial buildings and industrial plants, Hollow Core has different thickness to choose from 8 cm. to 15 cm and the width is 60 cm. According to TIS 828-2546 standard, Hollow Core has its own strength that can be used to gain weight immediately without any temporary bracing. The thickness depends on length and load which can be seen in the table of Company’s Hollow Core load.

Specific Features

  1. Customers can lower construction costs and lighten the weight of Hollow Core because the planks are hollow. Thus, customers can save concrete and other structures including piles, foundations, columns and
  2. Hollow core is quick to install as it does not require temporary bracing for the construction. Hence, it is convenient to work and saves time and labor as well.
  3. The bottom surface of the Hollow Core is smooth so no plaster or installation of ceiling is required.
  4. Hollow Core has a Long span making the cross-section highly efficient and lightweight compared to other cross-sections; However, there is no reduction of the cross-sectional power and durability which allows the Hollow core use with different lengths of span up to 8 meters without deflection problems (according to the thickness of Hollow Core)
  5. All of the Hollow Core slabs are standard with the high efficiency manufacturing processes, extruded and pressed concrete; therefore, the slabs have a consistent shape.
  6. Hollow Core is strong because it is made from dry concrete (NO SLUMP CONCRETE) and is passed through the modern machinery manufacturing processes Thus, the Hollow Core is higher compressive strength and quality than the general Planks.
  7. Because of the Hollow Core, when laying the Hollow Core, there will be a Shear Key groove for grooving with sand mortar making it possible to distribute the load between the Hollow Core slabs
  8. Due to the air inside the hollow of the Hollow Core, it could greatly reduce the transmission of sound and temperature.
  9. Because the concrete coated with steel is sufficiently thick, Hollow Core is able to withstand the heat temperature for hours. In the case of the fire that is severe at any point, it will cause only local... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Hollow core is light weight and supports weight well because of the holes.

Yes, it can be used to conduct electrical wiring and pipe.

Yes, but there is an additional cost.

Yes, customers can lay tiles without pouring topping.

No, but we can suggest specialist contractors for Dcon customers.

Dcon can deliver products within 300 kilometers from Rompo Product, Lamphun branch and Lopburi branch.

Yes, Dcon has the model reproduction service.

The minimum requirement is 100-120 meters for the delivery.

The shipping will be charged 80 Baht per square meter.

It is not recommended as it will affect weight gain.

The 12 wheel truck is used for delivery.

They are manufactured in Rom Pho, Lamphun and Lopburi Branch

Dcon Hollow Core has the thickness 8, 10,12 and 15 cm and width 60 cm.

Dcon Hollow Core uses 4 mm and 5 mm of PC Wire

The past reference projects are the government work, schools, school buildings and hospitals.

Yes, Dcon Hollow Core has TIS 828 – 2546.

Yes, Dcon Hollow Core can be used for the ground of the rooftop.

It can be checked by spraying water to find cracks of the sheet before installing or pouring Topping.