Prestressed Piles

For the stability of the structure, choose Dcon prestressed piles


Use as a foundation of Buildings , Residences, Retaining walls and Breakwaters

The advantages of Dcon prestressed piles

1.Produce high quality piles with standardized raw materials.

  • Quality control in production
  • Check Quality control of the products before delivery

2. Effective delivery – the right product

  • The right product as requested
  • On time delivery
  • Free from damage

3. Driving piles with a team of experienced engineers who coordinate closely.

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Confident
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Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, Dcon uses 18-wheel trailers ; however, Dcon prestressed piles that customers order are not longer than 8 meters, they can be delivered by 12 Wheeler Trucks.

The price of Dcon prestressed piles includes the shipping cost; nonetheless, it depends on the quantity and place of delivery, case by case.

Customers know by exploring the soil layer or boring log or looking for the information from neighboring areas that have been piling. However, customers must be the one who set the desired length.

Dcon has Dcon prestressed piles hammering control officers aiming to supervise every hammering to follow the calculation list determined by Dcon’s engineers.

The payments terms are 30% on the date of purchase and the rest before delivery date 3 days.

A width of the road at least 4 meters is required. However, if there is a turn, the main road must be 6 meters width and the alley must be 4 meter width (customers can ask Dcon staffs to explore first).

The standard sizes and lengths of Dcon prestressed concrete piles take not over 10 days after ordering while the order with special sizes and lengths takes 14 days after ordering or receiving deposit.

Dcon prestressed piles will stamp the date of manufacture with zones and lots of production which complies with quality assurance controls or ISO and is able to trace in every process.