Dcon Block

General Features

  • Dcon block is a cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) under the quality management system ISO: 9001 Version 2015 which is the only one in Thailand.
  • The standard size is height 20 cm. Length 30 cm. and Thickness 7,7.5,10,12.5,15,17.5,20 cm.
  • Dcon block has insulation properties, including heat insulation, soundproof and moisture proof.

Specific features of Dcon block

  • Dcon block helps save energy and prevent heat well, thus helps reduce electricity cost from using the air conditioner. For example, a brick wall with 7-8 times thick will get the properties close to Dcon block.
  • Dcon block helps reduce construction cost Also, It is a light weight block that is easy and quick for construction by using Mortar like normal bricks. As the production process of Dcon has quality control to get the standard size cubes, the construction using Dcon block is easy to align.
  • The strength of Dcon block is a low water penetration rate, It is strong and resists to impacts and scratches so it can be drilled into anchors for hanging LCD TVs and pictures.
  • Dcon block has low water absorption rate so it can reduce the risk of health problems and the chance of mold accumulation in the walls keeping the house cool and soundproof.

Advantages of Dcon block over other normal bricks

  • Save energy: Dcon block is more effective in heat resistance over other Bricks 6-8 times
  • Work faster: Dcon block can help customers reduce work time 2-3 times
  • Fire resistance: Dcon block can resist fire stronger than other bricks 2-3 times
  • Soundproofing system: Dcon block can block noise better than other bricks
  • Reduce the risk of health problems: Dcon block has a low water seepage rate and reduces the chance of mold accumulation in the walls, making the house cool and soundproof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mixed Mortar Cement and Lightweight Block Plastering Mortar can be used.

Yes, Dcon block can bear weight better than other AAC bricks.

No, Dcon block and other AAC bricks can resist heat the same.

Yes, it can because the outstanding qualification of Dcon block is the low water seepage.

Dcon block is different because Dcon block has the cement as the main component.

Dcon block is heavier than other bricks approximately 20%.

Yes, Dcon block resists fire better than Brick 2-3 times.

The water needs to be reduced in order to clear debris and reduce the problems of Dcon block drawing water from the Mortar.

It is rough in order to better adhere to the Mortar.

Yes, Dcon block can reduce noises problems better than Mon brick.

Yes, we can produce special size of Dcon block within 30 days.

The level of cement must be adjusted at least 2 cm. in order to prevent the roughness of the backside beam that may be the pressure point causing the block to crack.

It should be every 2.50 m of Lintels.

They should be left at least 1 day or until the cement is set.

The wall should be plastered 1 – 1.5 Centimeter.

Dcon block is mold resistant and resists the penetration of water well because it is manufactured in a close cell.

Yes, Dcon block can sound proof better than brick 2-3 times.

Yes, Dcon block has TIS. 2601 – 2556.

Dcon blocks size 20 * 30 * 7 can be taken 3,840 pieces per trip while the size 20 * 30 * 7.5 can be carried 3,456 pieces per trip.