General Features

Dcon Footing is a concrete foundation that is a foundation of fence posts in order to create strength.

Advantages of Dcon Footing

The reinforcement of Dcon Footing is standard, strong and durable. Dcon Footing has 2 sizes: width 40 x 40 x 40 cm. and width 35 x 80 x 40 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dcon Footing can be used as a concrete foundation in order to make a pier or foundation of fence posts.

Dcon Footing has 2 standard sizes are size 40x 40x 40 and 35x80x 40 cm.

The large size of Dcon footing is suitable for Factory fence working as double piles.

Dcon Footing can save time, cost, Economical, Shutter boards. Also, it is strong and durable.

It is possible but it will increase cost and waste time.

The small size is 77 kg while the large size is 117 kg.

The round steel uses 3 layers of RB steel 9 mm while the middle steel uses DB 12 mm 1 layer.

Customers can order a small number of Footing if ordering with the Fence set.

Dcon Footing should be placed covering the foundation on both stakes across the piles.

Yes, Dcon Footing can put on fence panels without pouring beams.

It must be determined by the customer’s order quantity.

Yes there are dealers and customers can order Dcon Fences from them as well.

Yes, Dcon fences can be stacked with not over 3 layers.

It can be used as the foundation of the garage or a lightweight building renovation.

Yes, customers can order only footing.

Yes, customers can apply footing with cowboy in order to strengthen the product.

Customers must dig a hole aiming to adjust the level before putting the Dcon Footing down.