Hexagon Piles

Specific Features

  1. Dcon Hexagon piles can be used as a foundation for supporting light structures such as corridors, platforms and parking lots.
  2. Dcon Hexagon piles can be used as a foundation to support the weight of the fence posts so as to build the strength.


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Advantages of Dcon Hexagon piles

Dcon Hexagon piles are a type of prestressed concrete piles reducing the problem of fracture during hammering compared to normal piles. Also, they are light weight, convenient for the transportation and the installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dcon Hexagon piles are prestressed concrete which pull PC Wire before pouring the concrete.

Dcon Hexagon Piles have length from 1 to 6 meter,

The quantity of 440-540 meters is required.

12 wheel truck is used for the Dcon Hexagon piles transportation.

We can deliver with an additional shipping cost of 600 baht per ton.

The number of PC Wires used in the production are 3 with the diameter of 4 mm.

Dcon Hexagon pile is 32 Kilograms for 1 Meter.

Yes, we have products in stock and we are ready to ship.

Dcon Hexagon Piles are widely used in a parking garage, a parking lot, a building renovation, the renovation and the floor of the factory.

They can be used; however, a group of piles is recommended with the safe load set by the engineer.

Yes, it can be useful.

A piece of Fiber concrete cutting can be used.

It is possible to use Dcon Hexagon piles together on the right angel period.

It can be returned only In case of damage from the factory.

The strength of Dcon Hexagon piles is more than 350 ksc

It can be delivered size 20 * 30 * 7 for the total of 3,840 pieces per trip while size 20 * 30 * 7.5 can be delivered for the total of 3,456 pieces per trip.