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Company History

1996  Dcon Products Company Limited registered capital worth 40 million Baht (fully paid-up) on 6th August  in order to operate the business of manufacturing and distributing pre-stressed concrete planks and piles under the brand “DCON” by constructing the factory at A. Pattanikom, Lopburi from August to December

1997 The company was granted investment promotion from Board of Investment in respect of pre-stressed concrete planks in April with total production capacity of 5,280 sq. m. per day

2000 The Company was granted ISO 9002 certificate from SGS for planks.

2003 The Company was granted ISO 9001:2000 from SGS in August for planks and piles. In September, the Pile production platform was expanded to 9,000 sq. m. per day. Then, the Plank production platform was expanded to 6,600sq.m. per day in November

2004 In January, Dcon Product Company Limited increased its registered capital by 120 million Baht in total of 160 million Baht. Dcon Product Company Limited bought 99.99% shares worth 100 million Baht in Orrada Company Limited before becoming a public company with registered capital of 200 million Baht on 9 March. After that, the company has approved to be in the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 21 September.

2005 A Cellular lightweight concrete block production factory was constructed in May, about 2 kilometers away from the existing concrete planks and piles production factory. Investment was made in July to construct allocated houses under Baan Orrada Project, Baan Dee No. 5, energy-saving houses in 118 units, located at Liabkhlong 8 Road, A. Lamlukka, Pathumthani. In October, Rompo Product Company Limited. Factory was invested to produce cellular light-weight concrete (CLC) blocks for markets in the Northern Region. ERP System Purchasing and Development Contract was signed in December for use in work management in the company.

2006“Baan Orrada” was opened for sales in March. A new factory was constructed at Surat Thani in June to support economic growth in the Southern Region. A thank you party was organized in October for customers and celebrated the 10th anniversary of DCON. In the party, the company introduced a new product, i.e. autoclaved aerated concrete block produced in the CLC system (Cellular Lightweight Concrete) under the name of heat-resistant block “DCON Block”.

2009   The company was granted ISO 9001 version 2008 International Standard Quality Management System Certificate from SGS for the whole system. Nowadays, the factory has now expanded until it has the capacity to produce prestressed planks and piles for modern homes and has the highest production capacity in the country on the area of more than 400 rai in Phatthana Nikhom district, Lopburi province. From collecting the experience more than a decade, developing and improving the machines to be modern, and continuously raising the standard of production to be the best product, launching the new products, Dcon Cowboy fence and Dcon concrete fence, the company recently is popular in all types of construction work and is able to meet a variety of customers needs such as the construction of school buildings, offices, townhouses, general residences, apartments and condominiums.

2011 The “Dzio Ratchapruek” Project was opened for sales in March.

2012 The Company was granted SET Award of Honor in respect of Outstanding Company Performance Awards from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

2013 A thank you party was organized in January for Dcon customers in order to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Dcon and introduce a new product 20-cm. CLC block which can counter fungus from moisture and prevent heat from entering into the house. In February, new factories were commenced constructing in Maha Sarakam and Rayong aiming to support economic growth in the Northeastern and the Western regions while Orrada Company Limited opened the Dzio Ngam Wong Wan Condo Project in April.

2014 In April, the Company increased its registered capital from 205,730,000 Baht to 246,876,000 Baht to support issuance of warrants #1 for ordinary shares of DCON Products Public Company Limited (DCON-W1) to be offered for sales to existing shareholders based on their respective shareholding proportion free of charge at the ratio of 5 ordinary shares per 1 warrant. In December, the company was granted Forbes Asia’s Best under a Billion 2014 Award in respect of outstanding operating results from Forbes Magazine, 5 presented by M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, Deputy Prime Minister. Such award was from ranking of 200 companies in the Asian region, and from the 200 companies, 9 Thai companies won the award.

2015 The extraordinary shareholder meeting No. 1/2558 resolved in January to change the par value from 1 Baht to 0.10 Baht so as to increase the number of shares of the company and to enhance the liquidity of the number of shares for trading in the Stock Exchange, approved issuance of warrants #2 for ordinary shares of the Company (DCON-W2), by allocating to existing shareholders based on their respective shareholding proportion, and approved the increase of the Company’s registered capital from 246,876,000 Baht to 285,736,000 Baht. In october, Orrada Company Limited opened Dcon Prime Rattanathibet-Saima condominium project. Then, the extraordinary shareholder meeting No. 2/2558 resolved on 21 December aiming to increase the registered capital by 2,489,399,795 shares at a par value of 0.10 Baht per share by issuing 2,139,578,118 shares to be offered for sales to existing shareholders at the price of 0.45 Baht per share, and issuing 349,821,677 ordinary shares to support the right of holders of DCON-W1 and DCON-W2.

2016 In January, the proceeds from the sale of the capital increase shares to the existing shareholders as approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 2/2058 totaling 962.81 million Baht.

2017 The Company was granted ISO 9001 Version 2015 from SGS on 25th August. In November, the new subsidiary, DSC Product Company Limited, is set up so as to manufacture and distribute fabricated walls. The company holds 70% and has a registered capital of 100 Million Baht of which 25 Million Baht was paid up.

2018 In march, the Presale of Dcon Prime Rattanathibet – Saima condominium was set up. Moreover, the company developed the new product, Hollow core, at Lopburi factory and Rompo Product company factory. Whereas, Dcon jumbo fence was developed for the quick installation at Lopburi factory.

2019  DSC Product Company Limited began to renovate the factory building structure and install machinery from Germany in order to produce Precast concrete wall and floor. Moreover, Dcon developed and released a new product, which is a Hexagon pile.


We shall be a producer of the construction materials and developer of the leading property projects of Thailand


We are committed to create the best quality of products and service with business ethics and are resolved to create value with those individuals who are our business alliance with sustainability

Board of Directors

รองศาตราจารย์ ดร. ต่อตระกูล ยมนาค

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tortrakul Yomnak


Mrs. Pisamai Boonyakiat

Chairman of the audit Committee

Mr. Wittawat Pornkul

Chief Executive Officer

General Pisarn Wattanawongkeeree

Director of the audit Comittee
นายวันชัย ตันติกุล

Mr. Wanchai Tantikul

Director of the audit Comittee
นายชนะ โตวัน

Mr. Chana Towan


Dr. Tanai Charinsarn


Mr. Nirut Intarathachang

ดร.กวิน วรกาญจนา

Dr. Kawin Worakanchana


Quality policy

We are the customer-focused company which emphasizes on developing the quality and service of our products in order to maximize the satisfaction of customers by continuously improving the organization