Wittawat Pornkul launches “Dcon” a comprehensive pre-cast service

Wittawat Pornkul of Dcon Products who is the well-known construction material manufacturer in the Concrete Prestressed Planks and Prefabricated walls that helps the construction work quickly and accurately is importing new technology to meet the market needs with the entire service.

After devoting the development of precast construction products until there is widely used of Precast in various construction works, recently, “Dcon Products” has opened a complete Precast plant by importing new technology “Vollert” from Germany to produce complete building material parts answering the needs of partners and consumers.

Mr. Wittawat Pornkul,  a Chief Executive Officer of Dcon Products Public Company Limited or Dcon which is a construction material manufacturer and developer organized a new factory opening activity at Lam Luk Ka Khlong 12 under DSC Products Company Limited, a subsidiary company. The subsidiary company is continuing to complete from design, manufacture to installation aiming to answer the needs of trade partners and consumers. The company will concentrate on the market of developers and medium to large contractors who do not yet have their own precast factories.

“We imported the latest version of automation technology“ Vollert ” from Germany. It has technology to validate the accuracy and precision in order to make our precast concrete wall which is a Bearing and a Partition wall more quality, high accuracy and rapidity. Moreover, it can help save labour, shorten working time, simple and clean on-site construction. In addition, the company has engineering teams to help supervise both design, manufacture and installation. We believe that our targeted customers will receive quality building materials from us for fully complete all product lines” informed Mr. Wittawat and he also emphasized that this system will help construction sites become cleaner.

As the acceptance of Prefabricated wall construction materials has been widespread in Thailand for many years, Dcon Products, nowadays, has customers ready for the full production. The production has started the full capacity since January15, 2020, with the revenue expected to receive approximately this March resulting the Precast factory business to generate10% of all affiliated businesses’ revenues.

In addition to the strength in traditional building materials business that operates continuously,  Dcon products is also studying new opportunities aiming to add services to answer the needs of both real estate developers and contractors. For example, the company is continuously looking for the right timing for Hexagon Piles production and Precast production capacity increase.

The world is changing all the time; however, Dcon Products has quite a variety of products to support changes such as Hollow Core, Dcon Block, different kinds of finishing Fences. Furthermore, the company aims to continuously expand the business into new businesses including the development business.

Forbes Thailand , March 4, 1977

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