Dcon opens a Precast factory to welcome NL Asset – Sign an official contract

Mr. Wittawat Pornkul, a Chairman of DSC Products Company Limited which is a subsidiary of Dcon Products Public Company Limited or Dcon that is a manufacturer of construction materials and a developer, along with trading partners welcomed the management and the engineering team from NL Asset Company Limited, a developer, led by Executive Directors, Mr. Sitthipon chai Kijurajai and Mrs. Praphaiwan Limsong, on occasion visiting the DSC Precast factory. The factory imports the newest technology “Vollert” from Germany in design, production and installation of Bearing Walls and Partition Walls in a complete range to meet the needs of trade partners and consumers. In addition, the management team of NL Asset Company Limited has also signed a contract, with a team of engineers from both companies as witnesses, to purchase Precast and various products of DCON for use in Time Home project by preparing to launch Time Home 62 project ( Chalerm Phrakiat Rama 9 Soi 62) , which is the first project using Precast.

Remark :

Dcon Products Public Company Limited, which is a manufacturer of Prestressed Planks and Prestressed Piles with the highest production capacity over 3 hundred thousand square meters per month for residences in Thailand, is growing into the 24th year. Also, there are other types of construction materials sold including Dcon Block, and various types of finishing concrete Fences. The company has a vision to expand the new business continuously including developing residencial areas. In order to be a great chef, the great foodie is required. Similarly, Dcon can better understand the needs of residential developers in order to product the best service and quality of building materials. For more information www.dconproduct.com

NL Asset Company Limited, which is a developer that is committed to developing residential projects for a livable and helpful society and takes part in maintenance along with continuing to improve standards in the future, empasizes on the selection of good, durable materials that are easy to maintain as houses built to live by themselves. Nowadays,the company has mainly developed townhome projects in various forms. At present, the company is starting to sell the townhome project named Timehome Romyen (Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Soi 38) which is still constructed by brick which is the strength of the company and there are 4 different models to choose from. Also, the company begins to use Precast as a new option in the next project at Time Home 62 (Chalerm Prakiat Rama 9 Soi 62) which is expected to be launched at the end of the quarter2, 2020. Moreover, NL Asset Company Limited focuses on building houses according to the definition of “Time Home”: a house based on the definition that is practical. Please feel free to visit the company’s projects at www.timehome.co.th