Pre-stressed plank


DCON plank is a pre-stressed concrete plank with three different shapes; flat, rounded, and angular bottom.

Normal size: 35 cm width x 5 cm depth

Customed size:
30 cm width x 5 cm depth
35 cm width x 6 cm depth
Conformed to TISI No.576-2546 and
TISI No.828-2546



DCON plank is suitable for short to medium span floor system which is no longer than 5 m, such as commercial building, low-raised condominium, office building, school, townhouse and other structures.
Cost saving, durability and good appearance can be done easily by using DCON Plank.
To select the length of a plank used, measure the clear span between the beams and check the desired live load with load table provided.
Normal length will be 2 times of plank depth plus clear span.



  • Strength as they are designed to be simple beam structure, that means the structure in using condition will yield more bending strength due to continueous structure.
  • Flattened base can help saving coating work by only grouting at the connection before painting.
  • Smooth and dense bottom surface will reduce painting cost.
  • Connector steel on the top of plank with help making the composite slab.
  • Side steel plates will help adjusting level of each plank and also load transferring.
  • Easy to install Lighter weight per square meter and thinner than other slab system which can help reducing building’s height.
  • Flattened base will be completely placed on the beam, therefore the structure will not need additional brick works to fill the gap or painting on that area.


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