DCON Product/ Fence & Retaining wall 
General properties
DCON fence isa new choice forcustomer who needstrong, easy to install and cost-saving fence, together with product quality assurance under industrial standards.
DCONfence consists of 35 cm widthplank andI- 18 cmpile.
Convenient, fast and strong 


1. Piling, 6- 8 m deep.
2. Footing withplate on top. forconnecting with I-18 post.
3. Install I-18 post and ground beam.
4.Installing fencebetween the post slot.
6. When reach thedesired height, install ready-made cap on top.
The advantages of DCONFence & Retaining wall
High strength due tothe same qualityasDCON plank and pile.
Competitive pricecompared to normal bricked fence.
Can be easily used asretaining wall, combined with normal fence with the same appearance from top to bottom.
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