General properties
DCON Block is a cellularlight-weight concrete block usingprefoamed methodwithGerman technology
under ISO9001 Version 2008 qualityassurancesystem.
Standard size: 20 cm hight, 30 cm length and 7.0 or 7.5 cm thickness.
It carriesgoodinsulation property, such as thermal,acoustic andmoisture.


DCON Blockpromotes energy savingasthermal insulator, thus ithelps reducing electricity cost,due to its 7-8 time better insulation thannormal brick.
DCON Block help saving construction cost due to its lighter weight per square meter and also the controlled dimension of block can help reducing time and quantity of work in both masoning and plastering process.
DCON Block has very low water absorption rateand high compressive strength that give moredurability for the building, in some case, one can hang LCD TV or picture directly to the wall.
DCON Block help reducing risk of health problem. With lowabsorption and low permeability,the wall help protecting fungiin the wall. It aslo helps your housecool andcalm.
Advantages of CLCblock over
normal block and AAC block
Energy saving : 7-8 times over normal brick in terms of thermal insulator.
Time reducing : 2-3 times less than using normal brick.
Fire proof : 2-3 times better than normal brick and also acoustic insulator
Low permeability :reducing potentialfungi growth in the wall.
Advantages of CLC block over AAC No need for specialized mortar, thus reduced cost and easy to use. 
Unlike AAC, CLC is non-gypsum based material, so thathumidity cannot cause durability problem.




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